Globally Compliant Invoicing Software

Simplest Quote & Invoice Generation Tool, send your quotations & invoices as URLs or PDF files & Receive Payments in an instant.

Integrate your own Payment Gateway to receive Money from your Customers.

How does Invoice Maze work?

Login, complete company profile, create a Quote or Invoice for your Customer and send it across to receive payments in an instant.

Register & Login to InvoiceMaze

Register & Login

Register & Login to SOCAmps Invoice – Its a very Simple Process with just an E-Mail ID, Company Name, Phone Number.

Create Complete Company Profile

Complete Company Profile

Create Your Company Profile & save your Tax Details along with your Customer Data and relevant Information

Generate Quotation/Invoice

Create a Quote/Invoice

Create a Quotation or Invoice with your own Product/Service with relevant Tax Information per each item & Start receiving Payments

Features of SOCAmps Invoice

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Simple Invoicing

One Click Invoicing, at an instant just add your Items to be invoiced and generate the PDF Invoice in an instant.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your own Payment Gateway inside the Invoice Page for your Customers to process Payment at an Instant.

Customer Data

Automagically store your Customer Data and recall them when needed to generate a fresh Quote or Invoice.

One Click Export

Export all the Invoices generated in an instant in order to import to any other Accountancy Software.

Custom Layouts

Custom Quote & Invoice Layouts, not only you can select from a plethora of Standard Invoice Formats, you can also design your own.

One Click Invoicing

Generate an Invoice from a Quote sent earlier with just One Click. Also use your Mobile to generate Invoice anywhere, anytime.

Over 100+ Customers with over
1M+ Invoices Generated & still counting.

With over 100 Customers choosing SOCAmps Invoice as their primary Invoice Generation Tool and also integrating receiving of Payment for their Invoices as well. This is one of the fastest growing Invoice Generation Tool.

Get Started Instantly By Generating Your First Invoice

A very easy to use intuitive interface to generate your first Invoice – Register Now!

Easy Targeting

Easy Targeting

Send a copy of Invoice to your Sales Agent as well as your Customer in an instant.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Receiving of Invoices, Opened Up, Clicked to View, and also Attempt of Payment Analysis.

Receive Money

Receive Money In Bank Account

Use the Payment Gateway to receive the payment instantly to your Bank Account.

Invoicing Software for the Next Generation

At an instant Generate a Quote or Invoice to be sent to your Customer.

Receive Payment at an instant with a single click on the e-mail, sms or any other messaging platform.

Best Choice

$25.00 Monthly

Professional Plan

Risk Free

$10.00 Monthly

Standard Plan

Over 100+ Customers with Over 1M+ Invoices & Growing

Payments Received

Over 1M+ Invoices Generated & Growing Strong​

How can an Invoice Generation software help out in getting payout without sounding annoying to the customer, but still making it easier for them to sort out the payments.

Generate Invoices & Quotations
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About Invoice Maze

Invoice Maze is a simple Quote & Invoice Generation Software. Create your Company Profile & start generating Quotes & Invoices for your Customers. 

You can also integrate in-built or custom Payment Gateway to receive Payments from your Customers.